Subgraph OS: Secure, Free, Open Source Linux Operating System For Non-technical Users


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Short Bytes: To answer your security related concerns, Subgraph OS is here as a free, secure, open source Linux operating system for the non-technical users. This security-focused distro comes with complete TOR integration, full-disk encryption, OpenPGP mail integration, system hardening and other features. Know more about the OS and make your system secure.

In the recent times, we have seen a rise in the number of messaging and email services that provide a secure communication with others. For ensuring that our internet usage stays anonymous, we’ve got tools like TOR software suite and VPN services. But, what about the security of the overall systems?

To answer this question, a Canadian company named Subgraph is focused on its Linux distribution named Subgraph OS. The OS aims to resists the hacking attacks more easily on the commonly used machines and everyday laptops. This free and open source operating system is designed from the ground to reduce the interference and surveillance risks involved in endpoint systems.

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Subgraph OS — Its parts and features (Click to enlarge)

With a focus on security, Subgraph OS is designed by hardening the system and making it proactive. The OS also puts emphasis on the integrity of installable software packages. Apart from offering kernel security, Subgraph OS features full-disk encryption and a way to sandbox the exploits to reduce the user’s exposed surface.

With an OpenPGP mail integration, the users have access to signed encrypted email. Everything has been designed with an easy-to-use approach, so that there’s no need to execute commands in a terminal window or any external plug-ins.

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The TOR anonymity routes all the user’s traffic through it, making it harder for the attacker to figure out the location of the attacker. However, the project is focused more on security than anonymity. As the OS uses Metaproxy application to identify the transmission to the outside world, you can easily identify the legitimate connections.

The current release of Subgraph OS is in the pre-alpha stage. You can learn more about Subgraph OS on its website and GitHub repository.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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