A Breakthrough Study Concludes That Drugs Can Stop HIV Transmission

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As part of medical advancement, researchers have found that the transmission of HIV AIDS virus can be stopped with the intake of medicines and people already suffering from the disease can be treated.

A study between 1,000 gay couples in Europe took place wherein it was discovered that upon taking the antiretroviral drugs, the transfer of HIV infection from the HIV-positive partner to the HIV-negative partner did not take place, even though the couple had unprotected sex.

While 15 men received HIV, it was due to sex between some other people and not with a partner undergoing the medical treatment.

The study is a breakthrough as it seems possible to eliminate the disease by treating all the infected person with the drug and stop transmission altogether.

Additionally, the treatment also works with heterosexual couples where one of their partners is infected with HIV.

While researchers have conducted a study to come up with a way to fight Aids, the process of enhancing the procedure is not as easy as it might appear, especially in gay couples.

Researchers emphasize that people should get HIV-tested in the early stages of the disease so that ART treatment could begin and finally work its magic. This is further supported by the National AIDS Trust which implies that around 97% of people who are taking HIV treatment won’t transfer the virus to anyone else, which is another silver lining.

Furthermore, during the research period, antiretroviral drugs have proved to become reliable, durable, effective, easier to consume, and most importantly less expensive which will let people with AIDS trust the therapy even more.

The new Antiretroviral Therapy, aka ART, will not only help prevent HIV from spreading but will also allow for the death of social battles the HIV-affected people have to fight due to stereotypes and discrimination against them.

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