Sega’s Streets Of Rage Gets A Movie Adaptation

John Wick writer Derek Kolstad will pen the script.

Street of Rage movie adaptation
Image: SEGA

Sega‘s Streets of Rage video game series debuted in 1991. The series follows three former police officers. They battle their way through enemy-infested streets in an attempt to bring down the evil mastermind Mr. X. Two sequels followed, with Streets of Rage 3 being the final chapter until the series was revived in 2020 with Streets of Rage 4 received rave reviews and went on to become a best-seller.

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Lionsgate acquires movie rights for Sega’s Streets of Rage

Now, according to Deadline, Lionsgate has acquired the rights to adapt Sega’s Streets of Rage video game series into a feature film. Derek Kolstad, who wrote John Wick and Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to pen the script. Kolstad will also serve as a producer on the project, which he is excited to work on, saying, “The 10-year-old me is still grinning.”

What will the adaptation be about?

The Streets of Rage games have a straightforward setup that allows players to walk through the streets while fighting waves of enemies. While taking down Mr. X was the end goal, the plot was designed to serve the function of the gameplay. So, if Streets of Rage is adapted into a film, the characters and world will almost certainly need to be fleshed out.

Given Kolstad’s enthusiasm for the project, the film will most likely adhere to the source material. In the original game, players could choose between three characters: Axel, Blaze, and Adam, implying that those are the characters that game fans will want to see. If they decide to include characters from the entire series, it’s possible to see Blaze or Max. But they weren’t introduced until the second game. Mr. X and The Syndicate, the shadowy organization he leads, will most likely remain the story’s villains.

The plot of the film is unknown. Nonetheless, if based on the source material, it will follow ex-police officers who take the law into their own hands. With the rogue officers forced into action, Mr. X and The Syndicate could easily have an evil grip on the city. This could play into ideas of police corruption and gangster antics.

Furthermore, given Kolstad’s resumé, the film will most likely include a lot of fighting and hand-to-hand combat. With the Streets of Rage movie still in the early stages of development, details are scarce. But fans of the game franchise can rest easy given Kolstad’s track record.

What are your expectations for this adaptation? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, stay tuned with us for more updates on the show.

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