Stranger Things 4 Crashes Netflix, And The Internet Along With It

And Twitter went at it... again!

Stranger Things 4
Image: Netflix

Stranger Things 4 is finally here! After weeks of waiting to find out what happened to our favorite past and present Hawkins residents. HMM! You just might not be able to watch it right away. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 premiered on Netflix today, and it features all of our favorite characters fighting against the vicious Vecna and other eerie creatures while being accompanied by the best music from the 1980s (Read Running up that hill).

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Season 4 promised to be better than the previous seasons, with feature-length episodes, a slew of new characters, and (obviously) a massive budget. Fans had been waiting for it for months just for this reason.

Netflix goes down as Stranger Things Season 4 Vol.2 Premieres

While the episodes went live at 8 AM U.K. time (12 am PT/3 am EST), Netflix briefly went down for many users after a large number of subscribers logged in to watch the new Stranger Things episodes. While watching the episode, subscribers experienced a sudden crash and were greeted with a ‘Network Error message, informing them that there was a problem connecting to Netflix servers.

The technical difficulties demonstrate how eager fans are to learn how Eleven, Mike, Max, Steve, and the rest of the gang will defeat Vecna and finally clear our beloved Eddie’s name, with thousands, if not millions, tuning in as soon as possible.

It’s no surprise that memes about Netflix crashing have flooded Twitter, and they’re as funny as they get. Check these tweets out!

DownDetector also confirmed that many Netflix users experienced a brief outage and app crash. The crash reportedly began affecting users around 12 PM IST, and by 12:50 PM, users reported being able to watch the episodes again without experiencing any connectivity issues.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, the crash appeared to affect only mobile users. And Netflix has yet to issue an official statement acknowledging the crash. Did your Netflix crash too? Let us know in the comments down below.

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