Wait, A Stranger Things And Deadpool 3 Crossover?

Is that even possible?

Wolverine returns to Deadpool 3
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Stranger Things season 4 premiered earlier this year to favorable reviews and all-time high Netflix viewership. It was the biggest season of the Duffer Brothers’ blockbuster fantasy/horror show yet. Shawn Levy, an executive producer on Stranger Things has also directed a number of episodes spanning all four seasons, including the fan-favorite “Dear Billy” episode in season four.

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Outside of Stranger Things, Levy is a well-known director. Famous movies include Night at the Museum, Free Guy, and The Adam Project, the latter two of which both star Ryan Reynolds. It was announced earlier this year that Levy would be reuniting with Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 3.

Levy also indicated an interest in a Stranger Things and Deadpool crossover in a recent interview with Variety. He also revealed that he and Reynolds were attempting to figure out how the two concepts could work together.

Shawn Levy addresses the Stranger Things and Deadpool crossover

However, Levy has turned to Twitter to clarify his earlier remarks. He noted that what he stated regarding a Stranger Things and Deadpool crossover was merely a joke. The director apologizes for the confusion, saying that a crossover would never work because of Eleven’s nosebleeds and Wade Wilson’s intolerance of blood.

Levy’s clarification is sure to disappoint fans who were hoping to see Reynold’s Deadpool visit Hawkins and the Upside Down. Meanwhile, it also doesn’t come as a complete surprise. While Stranger Things and Deadpool are both beloved properties, they are distinct in tone and the environment in which they are set.

With Wilson slated to formally join the MCU in Deadpool 3 following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, any crossover would raise a slew of concerns about the MCU’s connection with characters like Eleven, Hopper, and the rest of the Hawkins group.

What are your thoughts on this crossover? Do you think it should happen? Let us know in the comments down below.

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