Storming Area 51 Could Prove Fatal, Warns US Air Force


As part of the ongoing joke to “see them aliens”, meme makers and several people on the Internet are planning on storming Area 51.

The area is a restricted US Airbase with a history related to alleged UFO (unidentified flying objects) sightings. The joke takes this claim as an exaggeration and is urging people to raid Area 51.

It all started with a Facebook event started by a prankster for fun. The 20th September meetup event is urging people to gather at the Area 51 tourist attraction to conduct the raid.

To clearly indicate that the whole event is a joke, the event description reads “if we naruto run, we can run faster than their bullets”. The ‘Naruto run’ is a kind of running style in which the person keeps their hands backward and head tilted forward while charging ahead.

However, the joke event has gathered over 800,000 attendees from across the globe, sparking major security concerns. Hence the US Air Force has finally broken their silence regarding the whole situation.

Storming Area 51 is Highly ‘Discouraged’

Storming Area 51 US Air Force Warns

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Air Force told the Washington Post that

Area 51 is an open training range for the U.S. Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces.

The spokeswoman affirmed that the US Air Force stands ready to “protect America and its assets.”

The statement came to light after the joke event took flight on social media. Every major or smaller YouTuber covered the Area 51 Raid meme, which finally prompted the US Air Force to issue a statement.

The biggest YouTuber PewDiepie also dedicated an episode to the  Area 51 joke in his famous “Meme Review” series. However, he did mention during his show that he understands that the entire thing is just a prank.

Area 51 Has A History With Aliens and UFO’s

The famous US Air Base has had a long list of conspiracy due to its restrictive nature. No outside civilians are allowed to enter the US Air Base Area 51 which has led to many people making spooky stories about the area.

The stories regarding aliens and UFO sightings are amongst the most popular. The US government has also spent $22 million dollars in the past into researching UFO sightings.

According to the US Navy, several reports of “unidentified” or “unauthorized” aircraft carriers entering military restrictive airspace have popped up in recent years. When US President Donald Trump was asked whether he believes in UFO sightings or not, his reply was “not particularly.”

The most recent sighting of the unidentified flying object was back in 2015 when F-18 pilots caught a strange flying saucer off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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