Steve Wozniak: “Steve Jobs and I Were Robbed at Gunpoint Outside a Pizza Place”


Steve-Jobs-and-Apple-co-founder-Steve-Wozniak-pizzaShort Bytes: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was joined by Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen for a game of “True Confessions.” There, Wozniak claimed, “Steve Jobs and I were once robbed at gun point outside a pizza parlor.”

Joining the comedians Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak played a fun game of True Confessions where each of them had to read some statement. Then, the contestant was interrogated by the other to determine if it’s real.

So, were Apple’s co-founders robbed at gunpoint outside a pizza parlor? Steve Wozniak told the whole story to Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon at Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show.

It should be noted that Seth Rogen is playing the character of Steve Wozniak in the upcoming movie Steve Jobs.

Fallon and Rogen found it hard to believe that Steve Jobs ordered pepperoni. “Steve ate pepperoni?” Jimmy Fallon asked, considering the fact that the Apple CEO’s followed a strict vegan eating habits.

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Wozniak chuckled by saying, “In those days, this is Steve Zero. Before Apple.”

Earlier in an interview with Dan Lyons in 2011, Wozniak told a longer version of this gun robbery. Read it below:

“This was in a pizza parlor in Sunnyvale. Two guys looked like they might be interested [in buying a blue box]. We took them back to a pay phone and made a call to Chicago for them. They were enamoured and wanted the blue box, but they had no money. We got out to the car and they show up with a gun and stick it in Steve’s face. We gave them the blue box. But they didn’t know how to use it. They gave us a phone number to call so we could tell them how to use it. I came up with this idea of telling them a method that would get them caught by the police, or one that would get them billed. We didn’t do it. But, boy, it would have been funny.”

Watch the complete video below:

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