Steve Wozniak: “I Invented A Mac Virus But Destroyed It Because It Was So Scary”


steve wozniak invented virus for mac computersShort Bytes: Recently Steve Wozniak dropped by Conan Christopher O’Brien, an American comedian, writer and television host, at a late-night talk show on the cable channel TBS. While discussing the FBI case with Apple, he shared one of the most interesting stories about writing mac viruses back in his early days.

Recently, Conan Christopher O’Brien invited Steve Wozniak from Apple over a late-night talk show on the cable channel TBS. Apple’s ongoing battle with FBI over phone encryption was contemporaneous that time so it was very obvious that they would talk about the most improtant fight for data security.

Steve Wozniak while discussing those matters revealed an interesting story about mac virus:

A couple of times in my life, I wrote something that could be a virus, that could have spread itself on Macintosh computers forever, and each time, I threw away every bit of code I’d written, I was so scared inside. You do not want to let something like that out.

In this case where FBI is demanding that Apple must unlock the San Bernadino shooting victim’s iPhone and the biggest tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are backing Apple against FBI.

Here is the video where Steve Wozniak talks about the mac virus he created:

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