Humans Must Find Another Planet In 100 Years To Survive, Stephen Hawking Warns

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Short Bytes: We have been thinking about shifting to other planets. Now, the physicist Stephen Hawking thinks we have only 100 years before the apocalypse might come and knock our doors. In a new BBC documentary, Hawking, along with two people, will travel across the world to find if interplanetary travel is feasible.

The renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking believes humans won’t make past the next 100 years if they fail to populate some new planet. The probable reasons might be overpopulation, climate changes, and even asteroid strikes.

A new BBC documentary titled Expedition New Earth will air this summer featuring Stephen Hawking, Prof. Danielle Geroge, and Christophe Galfard who is a former student of Hawking.

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The trio would travel across the globe and try to accomplish their quest to find ways to transfer humans to other planets exploring various possibilities from plasma rockets to Interstellar-style human hibernation.

“The journey shows that Prof Hawking’s ambition isn’t as fantastical as it sounds – that science fact is closer to science fiction than we ever thought,” the BBC said.

This is not the first time that the physics pioneer has warned about the extinction of the mankind. In his speech at the Oxford University Union last year, Hawking estimated a 1,000-year window until humans would survive.

As far as catapulting humans to other planets is concerned, Elon Musk is working hard to put humans on Mars. We hope he would be able to figure out something by the next decade. Another travel option is the EM drive, it eliminates the need of combustion-based propulsion system altogether. But the tech is far from reality as of now.

Produced by Brook Lapping, Expedition New Earth would be a two-part documentary with each one 60 minutes in length. It is a part of the season called Tomorrow’s World and will be aired later this year on BBC Two.

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