Mark Zuckerberg Answers Questions From Stephen Hawking and Schwarzenegger



Facebook had regularly held Q&A sessions with its users in the past. This time Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, was to answer the questions on his timeline, where he got a hell of the questions from the general public as well as the celebrities.

Stephen Hawking, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arianna Huffington hogged the limelight in the Tuesday’s Q&A session asking the questions from their respective fields. The names surprised much of the Facebook’s user community, and might have done the same to Zuckerberg too. The timing, however, creates an impression of  a crafted marketing strategy.

Hawking stunned the Facebook boss by asking ‘Unified theory of Gravity’ and also coaxed him of his own queries on science that he would like to get answered. Mark took the opportunity and like a young kid asked all the questions from the genius that bothered him.

Stephen Hawking question


Jenni Moore, CMO Business Manager at Alexion Pharmaceuticals asked on Mark’s views on technology and social media connecting the world. In came a long reply from the boss on their current as well as future projects.

Jenni moore

Arnold Schwarzenegger was more concerned about today’s generation health and asked Mark if he could tell his way of staying fit to the youth. P.S  ‘Will the machines WIN??’


Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post wanted to know the future of the online journalism.


Zuckerberg answered some not so famous users too with some cheeky answers. The answer to ” How will you react if you woke up next morning and there is no Facebook” was simple and upbeat “I’d build it”. This Q&A session with the Facebook founder would be considered a success by most of the analysts, taken the publicity it generated due to the aforementioned people.

Were your questions answered by Mark Zuckerberg? What questions would you like to ask?

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