Ask Questions From Stephen Hawking On His First Reddit AMA From Today


Do you have any question in mind that you think only a genius would be able to answer? You are in for a treat then. Thanks to Reddit,  the most famed physicist of the century, Stephen Hawking, will be answering your queries. As he responded to Mark Zuckerberg on the latter’s Facebook timeline, it’s your turn to get your problems solved.

Stephen Hawking will be interacting with the users through the Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum. The Reddit AMA is usually a live Q&A session where people (famous figures)  are bombarded with the questions by regular users. But, for Stephen Hawking, the question pattern would be different.

You can ask questions starting from 27th of July, today that is, till August 4 next week, and you will get answered by Mr. Stephen Hawking over the following weeks.

Reddit has changed the AMA pattern to make the task easy for the physicist. As he suffers from ALS and uses a computer to communicate, this belated Q&A format will allow him to answer the people without causing him discomfort.

As Hawking’s  apprehension against the rise of machines and ultimately a threat to Human existence is widely known, so the questions are bound to be asked on Artificial Intelligence, Life, Future of Human Species, and of course mysteries of the Universe and Black Holes. Recently Stephen Hawking along with the Russian billionaire have announced a $100 million project to search aliens.

But, Mr. Hawking plans to discuss on artificial intelligence, and especially how to control it in its virtues so that it doesn’t go out of our hands. Recent technologies of self-driving cars, innovations like drones with handguns, autonomous weapons are a few things that are uncomforting for the genius.

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Questions relating to ethics and intrusion of privacy by the AI systems and the future of the robots, both good and the worst possible scenarios are being expected to be thrown at the genius. Just a few days back, scientists created a robot that showed glimpses of self-awareness.

A part of #maketechhuman initiative by Nokia and Wired magazine, this AMA of Hawking is in a series of many Q&As about ensuring that technology serves humanity and nowhere in future it is going to change.

Well, let’s see what Mr Stephen Hawking has to say about that.

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