Do Not Mod Your Steam Deck’s SSD Without Reading This

Modding will toast your Steam Deck!

Steam Deck Desktop mode
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The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device released in February 2022. Like the Nintendo Switch, players can connect the Steam Deck to a monitor or use it as a handheld gaming device. it runs SteamOS out of the box, a Linux-based operating system customized and maintained by Valve.

Users can install compatible titles or other operating systems on the device as it’s an open platform. The Steam Deck is built for extended play sessions using thumb sticks or Joypads, and it also comes with SSD storage.

Valve allows to mod the Steam Deck?

Some users have been interested in modding their Steam Deck since the company posted a detailed YouTube video on how to do so.

It provides detailed instructions for replacing the thumbsticks and the solid-state hard drive. It is appealing because you don’t see a company posting a YouTube tutorial on how to alter its hardware every day. However, the same video also says that if you really watched it, you’d rather not do it.

Why you should avoid modding it.

Fans had mixed feelings about the whole idea; a few thought the procedure had inherent risks. Others were ready to give it a shot. However, a new tweet from a Steam Deck designer, Lawrence Yang, suggests that it’s not safe to mod your steam deck.

Lawrence warned that users should not do this as the IC gets very hot and could significantly shorten the life of your Deck over time. He retweeted one of PC Gamer’s tweets and warned about the procedure.

Twitter users started commenting on why an IC was overheated in the Steam Deck. A user said, “The fan can handle 20w of heat, but there’s no heat pipe that reaches the charging IC; it would be costly and hard to fit anyways for such a small and niche use case.”

One of the hottest subjects surrounding Valve’s Steam Deck has been storage, partly since it has been the defining feature of the various tiers of Deck you can purchase.

However, Valve had always advised customers not to try an upgraded SSD into the device; even back when it was disclosed that the portable gaming PC contained a standard M.2 slot inside its tiny innards.

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