Steam Deck’s Latest Beta Update Fixes A Ton Of Issues

The fifth beta update for January is here!


The Valve Steam Deck is a one-of-a-kind console, not just because of how it’s constructed but also because of how quickly Valve fixes bugs and adds features in Beta and Preview channels. The January 19 update is out for folks enrolled in beta and preview channels and fixes loads of stuff.

Here are all the bug fixes in the latest January 19th update for the Steam Deck:

  • Fixed non-Steam apps becoming unresponsive to the gamepad when the onscreen keyboard is opened.
  • Fixed background images on a collection on the app details page not being clipped correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remove Collection dialog was not appearing.
  • Added icons for VR support or Mouse & KB-only support to app portraits.

Similarly, there have been changes in Steam Input, which are as follows.

  • Handle errors better and fix some cases where configs would no longer load
  • On larger screens, combine the keyboard and Numpad tabs of the choose binding screen
  • Fixed some cases where some languages could have text overflow in choosing binding screen
  • Remember the last active tab in the choose binding screen and open that instead of always using the tab w/ the current binding value

As for the newly added feature, it’s the New Big Picture Mode.

  • Detect focus shifting away from the BPM window faster and reduce instances of navigation going to BPM after starting a game
  • Fixed Steam mini window not closing when entering Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed problem where setting certain library filters in Big Picture Mode could cause those games to become hidden when switching back to desktop

Are you enrolled in Steam Deck’s SteamOS Beta? How has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Valve

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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