Steam Cracked Games Website Has Finally Closed Its Doors!

Another tracking website is down.


Steam Cracked Games website has finally shut down after many years. The website was known for video game piracy news for almost all games released on Steam. It now redirects to the admin’s Discord server that has all of its roles removed.

The website tracked all cracked and uncracked Steam games. It even kept track of games with Denuvo protection.

This is not the first time a video game piracy news website has shut down. Crackwatch is yet another popular website that closed its doors last year. However, the website is still somewhat functioning in the form of the r/CrackWatch subreddit.

Steam Cracked Games Shutdown

steam cracked games logo

The website has now been abandoned by the admin. Before shutting down the website for good, the admin seems to have left a message thanking the users.

“Hello everyone, with pleasure I declare to you that I will be ending my activities. I am going through a spiritual evolution and will focus more on my professional career as a worker in Brazil. I thank you for everything you have given me.”

Website admin

Steam Cracked Games was one of the last video game piracy news websites that tracked the cracked status of each game. The only notable website left in this field is ‘cwwatch,’ which is still in development.

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Nalin Rawat

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