Stealth Dark Matter Could Be The Key to Universe’s Missing Mass


stealth-dark-matter-model-Short Bytes: Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have come up with a ‘stealth dark matter model’ to try and understand the dark matter. The theory believes that the dark matter is composed of ‘now long decayed’ electrically charged particles and is bonded by a strong unknown force.

Dark Matter has always aroused curiosity unlike anything, not only amongst the astrophysicists but also the kids and science fiction fans. It is quite impressive that even after constituting over 80% of the Universe’s mass, we fall short of knowledge when it comes to the subject. Scientists had previously found the way to study Dark Matter by watching it collide with other celestial stuff.

In the recent developments, researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have hypothesized the composition of the dark matter. The scientists believe that dark matter might be a congregation of electrically charged particles which are bound by strong unknown forces. Since, it has successfully evaded us till now, scientists are calling their new theory as the Stealth Dark Matter model.

Dark Matter has outwitted humans for so long because it shows almost no reaction with the visible matter and neither it does emit, radiate or absorb light. However, its repulsiveness to itself has come to the knowledge.

The team of particle physicists known as the Lattice Strong Dynamics Collaboration is looking forward to validate their stealth dark matter model at CERN using Large Hadron Collider.

According to the theory, the dark matter produced huge amount of electrically charged unstable nuclear particles (analogous to quarks in the neutron) and these ‘now long decayed’ particles had interacted with almost everything in the early universe. The scientists acknowledge this interaction to the high temperatures at that time and since then, the dark matter had bonded under a strong unknown force as the universe cooled down.

Vranas, one of the scientists from the team remarks, “These interactions in the early universe are important because ordinary and dark matter abundances today are strikingly similar in size, suggesting this occurred because of a balancing act performed between the two before the universe cooled.”

The stealth dark matter model is fascinating because the dark matter is passive to electromagnetic radiations and to come up with a theory that speculates electrically charged particles as inherent to dark matter, is really absorbing.

The scientists are counting on the LHC to verify or maybe rule out their hypothesis as only the world’s largest particle accelerator could create conditions similar to that of the early universe and shed light on the dark matter complexity.

It should be noted that LHC has already been credited to several discoveries and affirmations of theorized particles such as Weyl Fermions, Higgs Boson, and Pentaquarks.

Only if the dark matter mystery could be resolved.

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