Looking For A Job Change? Here’s How To Stay Organized & Find A New One

Stay Organized For Job Change
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Looking for a new job isn’t a whole lot of fun. It takes up a lot of your time. You might spend evenings trawling through job sites or use your precious weekends to prepare for interviews that you may never even get. 

One simple way to make the whole process more manageable is to get organized. Treat your job search as a job in itself. Schedule time to work on your search and keep records of what you’ve applied to and when. Above all, make sure you get some rest and downtime too. 

Sure, job searching can be stressful and time-consuming, but in the end, it’s almost always worth it. Finding the proper role at the right time can feel like striking gold.

Chances of succeeding will be high if you take note of the following 4 points

1. Sort out your filling system

Whether you use OneDrive or Google Drive, spend a little bit of time sorting out all the relevant documents that you will need for your job search.

This will include things like a master resume and cover letter that you can then tailor to each individual role. You should also save a list of references plus contact information for each. Finally, include a document with common interview questions and how you would answer them. As you continue your search, you can constantly add to this document, so you’re prepared if an interview comes up. 

2. Create a hit list

In an ideal world, what company would you like to work at? Now is the time to think big and get creative. Keep a list of all the companies that catch your eye in that job search folder. You should also write down why you want to work there: Maybe it has a great mission, or perhaps you’re intrigued by an unlimited annual leave policy. Research these companies in depth and use this list as the basis of your search.

The Fossbytes Job Board allows you to see all the roles advertised within a company. You can also set up alerts so you will be the first to know if it is hiring again. 

3. Track everything

This is a crucial step that so many job seekers forget. While you’re applying for jobs, it’s so easy to forget simple details like the date you applied, the hiring manager’s name, and the salary. This is especially true if you’re juggling multiple job applications at once. Choose a way to track your applications and stick to it. 

Of course, everyone’s preference here will be different. Some people like a simple spreadsheet that they can glance at quickly. Other people like more visual online tools such as Trello, Miro, or Monday.com. Whatever you choose, make sure it includes these key bits of information:

  • Job title
  • Salary range
  • Date applied
  • Contact name (if any)
  • Relationship with contact (if any)
  • Follow up email sent
  • Interview 
  • Thank you email sent
  • Job offer

4. Take some time off

It’s a cliché, but searching for a new job is a marathon, not a sprint. Recent surveys show that it can take up to 100-200 applications to receive just one job offer. On top of that, it takes 10-20 applications to get just one interview.

Finding a new job takes time, and it isn’t something you can rush because so much of it is outside your control. However, you can control your schedule. Make sure you take some time off from your job search; your mind needs time to switch off and recharge. 

Now you’ve got all the hints & tips, here are 3 great jobs that you could apply for. There’s plenty more to discover on the Fossbytes Job Board.

Senior Software Development Engineer, Audible, Newark

Is Audible on your hit list of top companies? At the moment, the Newark team is searching for a Senior Software Development Engineer who will design, develop, and test software components while collaborating with stakeholders. If you’re an excellent communicator and seasoned mentor, then you can apply online now. 

Automation and Data Analytics Manager, Shopify, Remote

If you’re looking for a fully remote role, then this could be the gig for you. Shopify is currently expanding. As a result, the company needs an Automation And Data Analytics Manager. The right candidate will play an integral part in Shopify’s success by using automation and data analytics to determine how the brand will effectively manage its most critical risks. Find out more here.

Backend Engineer, Roblox, San Mateo 

If you haven’t heard of Roblox by now, where have you been? The virtual reality game has taken the world by storm over the last few years, so this Backend Engineer role is particularly exciting for people interested in that field. As a backend engineer on the avatar core services team, you could be a major contributor in a team that scales Roblox avatars to millions of simultaneous players. Get the full job description here

Find all these fantastic jobs and more on the Fossbytes Job Board today.

By Pippa Hardy

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