Starlink RV Plan Launched, But Someone Already Mounted One In His Car

Starlink for RV seems exciting, but there's a catch.

Starlink RV Plan Launched But Someone Already Mounted One On His Car
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SpaceX’s Starlink is still constantly growing its constellation of internet satellites. But allows service only to be available for use at a specific registered location. According to a report from The verge paying an additional 25$ can let you take the dish anywhere you want.

The company is calling this service their new ‘portability’ feature. For packages with portability, you still need to have an at-home service first. Turns out it warns users they’ll be de-prioritized when away from home. But if you’re an RV enthusiast who is willing to buy a dish without having a “home” address with prioritized service, Starlink for RVs will let you sign up and grab a dish for access.

Starlink RV Plan Launched But Someone Already Mounted One On His Car
image credit: Harald Murphy Via Twitter

A SpaceX Starlink user from Western Australia hooked a Starlink dish antenna on his Tesla. The goal was to access satellite internet on the road. During testing, they were able to receive data within a 40-kilometer radius. The Starlink network is currently limited to a single service address. In which the satellites are scheduled to provide service throughout the day.

The Western Australia Starlink user shared details on how he received high-speed internet. He received downloads of “200Mbps from a SpaceX Starlink terminal mounted to his Tesla. “Can’t wait for full Starlink roaming ability,” he wrote in a Tweet. “A lot of improvement is still coming from software updates to satellites & terminals,” Musk replied to the tweet.

However, there is no waiting required for Starlink’s portability service. It should be mentioned that the setup won’t work while in motion. Of course, as seen in the Starlink subreddit, not many people are happy that Starlink for RVs has provided a no-waiting option.

Things are so bad that some fans who signed up for home service have shipping dates that aren’t due until 2023. Taking the following route won’t be cheap, though. Reports from the verge say that, like most people in the US who live east of the Mississippi River, they are waitlisted for Starlink service but can sign up for a dish today with $99 down and an estimated $110 monthly service cost.

Opting for Starlink for RVs can get you a dish ASAP, but you’ll have to pay the full $599 price plus fees immediately and $135 per month for internet service. Network resources are always de-prioritized for Starlink for RVs users compared to regular Starlink services, resulting in bad service and slower speeds in some areas.

The speeds stated by the company and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed. Services will go down in the extreme in “Waitlist” areas on the Starlink Availability Map during the peak hours.”

This might be bad news for people on the go as they have to face poor service and slower speed. Getting Starlink for RV is going to be entirely subjective. Let us know your thoughts.

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