SpaceX’s Starlink Reaches Milestone Of 1 Million Active Users

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Starlink is fairly new to the internet game, but the idea of having satellite internet seems to be catching on fast. SpaceX tweeted about a new milestone that Musk’s internet company achieved this year. Starlink now becomes the first private satellite internet player to have 1 million active users. In contrast, Amazon’s ambitious Project Kuiper is still deploying satellites and won’t be usable anytime soon.

Starlink offers satellite internet connections to people who are fed up with broadband internet connections or live in remote areas. But dropping download speeds is a concern that the company needs to address quickly.

Elon Musk’s idea of offering satellite internet seemed like a foolish endeavor when broadband was already there. But the idea was to offer the internet in the remotest locations across the globe at a moderate price. However, the initial cost and time required to deploy the infrastructure are quite high. Amazon also jumped on this trend of satellite internet business and announced Project Kuiper, which will supposedly have more satellites than Starlink.

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The increasing user base is also a concern for the performance of the Starlink internet connection. Many users have reported a decline in download speeds which is not a good this for a company promoting the fastest satellite internet. Even Ookla reports showcase that the drop in download speed ranges from 9 to 54 percent in some regions. We highly doubt those subscribers will stick to Starlink if the problem persists for a long time.

Download speed dropping is a clear sign of the existing satellite infrastructure is unable to keep up with the expanding user base. The only resolution seems to deploy more satellites, which Starlink will implement in 2023. While the company sends more of these satellites into space, you also have to be judicious with your Starlink connection. The company’s fair use policy clearly states that a personal connection gets 1TB of data each month during peak hours. If you exhaust that, you will have to live with slow speeds during peak hours (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.) until the limit renews next month.

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