Star Wars Fan Makes the Fully-functional Iconic Millennium Falcon Drone


Star Wars gifted us the Millennium Falcon– the hottest spaceship ever shown in a sci-fi movie. While Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon is set to make a comeback in the Star Wars: Episode VI this year, YouTuber Olivier C has presented his newest creation – the Millennium Falcon Drone.

Star Wars world has inspired the inventors and hobbyists since a very long time. Olivier C has outdistanced the fellow drone enthusiasts by converting his custom Quadcopter into Star Wars’s Millennium Falcon. The customizable Quad-copter is called the “Prophecy 335” and this is designed to fly very fast at very low altitudes, just like the Millennium Falcon.

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In a forum on, he has posted a series of videos and notes telling the process to build your own Millennium Falcon drone. The foam shell is cut from a white lightweight insulation material. The other details have been taken care very carefully. The atenna at the top has been modified according to the new movie trailer, ditching the original circular dish of previous movies. While watching the video, you will notice the famous Star Wars music and fonts. It has a to-the-scale cockpit, blue-white LED lights for Millennium’s famous rear thruster and its powerful gun turrets.

Here’s a video of maiden flight of the Millennium Falcon drone in a place like the icy planet of Hoth:

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