Stack Overflow Trends: A New And Free Tool To Track Programming Languages And Technologies


Short Bytes: Stack Overflow has launched a new and free to use tool to give you a better idea of current programming and technology trends. Called Stack Overflow Trends, this tool basically measures the interests of users based on the number of questions each month. While the website doesn’t call it a perfect measure, it gives a good idea about the rapid changes taking place.

Stack Overflow, the favorite website of programmers and developers, is known for the help it provides to the novice as well as experienced professionals. Last year in June, they launched Documentation with an aim to supplement the technical resources being used by coders to solve their problems. Now, Stack Overflow is here with a new tool.

Called Stack Overflow Trends, this tool makes use of the massive amount of data the website has and turns them into useful insights. While the website releases its annual developer survey, with Trends it aims to track the interest of the developers in programming languages and technologies over time.

Stack Overflow Trends tracks the interest based on the number of questions asked per month. For example, we can easily compare the relative popularity of three languages — Java, Python, JavaScript:stack overflow trends l

The announcement post of Stack Overflow Trends also mentions that the developer interest based on the website questions isn’t perfect. Any experienced programmer would know that some technologies inspire more questions compared to others. Still, it’s an important measure to gain some useful insights.

If you wish to explore and look at some more trends, feel free to use this tool here.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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