Stack Overflow Launches “Documentation” To Make Lives Of Programmers Easier


stackoverflow documentation

Short Bytes: Stack Overflow, the go-to community for programmers and developers, has launched a new product named Documentation. Stack Overflow Documentation will supplement the technical resources that are used by developers to solve their real-life programming problems. To promote its product and make it richer, Stack Overflow has also partnered with companies like Microsoft, PayPal, and Dropbox.

In its 2016 Annual Developer Survey, Stack Overflow presented many interesting datasets. This survey reiterated supremacy of JavaScript. The same survey also outlined a key challenge that’s faced by developers all across the world.

Yes, we are talking about poor documentation that makes the jobs of developers and programmers more challenging on a daily basis. To solve this problem, Stack Overflow has launched a new product named Documentation.

Harnessing its vast community, Stack Overflow aims to develop Documentation as a massive repository of standard and expert-reviewed documentation. Thus, Stack Overflow Documentation wants to become a replacement of the existing programming resources that are often labelled troublesome and unclear by the programmers.

In its announcement post, Stack Overflow called it a “real-world developer problem-solver”. “By harnessing the sum total of good programming knowledge in the world, we can create something more useful than any individual or team could on their own,” Says Jay Hanlon, Stack Overflow VP.

stackoverflow documentation

To differentiate itself from the existing resources, Stack Overflow Documentation will collect and showcase examples from daily use.

By providing something more than standard definitions and syntax, Documentation is looking to make a difference. For this purpose, Stack Overflow is partnering with big-shots like Microsoft, Dropbox, PayPal, Xamarin, Meteor, PubNub, Twitch, and Twilio. These companies will help Stack Overflow and promote the beta launch of Documentation.

The advent of Documentation also means an extension of Stack Overflow and the addition of a whole new set of questions, discussions, and examples. There are about 50,000 tags in use on Stack Overflow. The same tag on a Stack Overflow Q&A can also be used as a tag in Documentation.

Let’s hope that Documentation evolves as an excellent knowledge resource and becomes another set of powerful tool for developers.

Bonus: Just in case you live in terminal, here’s how to use Stack Overflow using command line.

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