“Spy x Family” Episode 10 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?

Anya faces the intense sport of Dodgeball for the sake of world peace.

“Spy x Family” Episode 10 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?
Image Credit: Tatsuya Endo

The most fun anime this season is now reaching its tenth episode. After dealing with the terror of Yor’s brother Yuri Briar, the focus will be put back on the mission. So we expect Anya to be the story’s star in Spy x Family Episode 10.

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Before we talk more about the plot, let’s go over the release date of the upcoming episode first. Episode 10 of the anime is set to arrive on June 11, 2022, at 11:00 PM Japanese Standard Time (JST).

And since the anime is a simulcast, the episode will come on the same day worldwide. However, the release times will be a bit different as expected. They are 7:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/10:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)/7:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

Now with that over, we can finally talk about where to watch it online. Since we are talking about streaming, let’s also discuss how to stream it for free.

Where to watch ‘Spy x Family’ episode 10 online?

“Spy x Family” Episode 10 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?
Image credit: Tatsuya Endo

This is anime is very popular, so of course, it is released on not one but two streaming platforms. One is Crunchyroll, which is to be expected, and the other is streaming giant Netflix. You can watch either of these as the release times are the same regardless.

Can I watch ‘Spy x Family’ episode 10 for free?

Both the platforms stated above are paid services. So, unfortunately, you have to pay their subscription to watch this anime and many others. However, Crunchyroll does have a free trial, unlike Netflix. For the latter, you can use the following ways to get access to their content for free-

1. Jio Postpaid Plans starting at Rs. 399
2. Vi Redx plan at Rs 1099 per month.

What to expect from ‘Spy x Family’ episode 10?

In episode 9, Loid and Yor barely managed to deal with Yuri and his tenacious quest to find out the truth about their marriage. Although the crisis was averted, it left both with conflicted feelings. While Loid starts suspecting of being a plant, Yor thinks she needs to do better as the wife of the house.

But that is not what the next episode is about. Titled “The Great Dodgeball Plan,” the episode will focus back on Anya as she tries to befriend Damien in the name of world peace. The title and preview suggest we’re about to get an intense and hilarious dodgeball game in the new episode.

That’s all we have for today. What do you think will happen in episode 10? Does the “plan” part mean that this is some scheme by Anya? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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