Spotify Unlimited Library Experience Removes 10000 Songs Limit


Spotify, the popular music streaming app, came with a limitation that was not so loved by its users. The app had a limit of 10000 songs library and not a single song above it could be added.

The limit has been removed by Spotify and now the users can add as many songs as they want. In an official blog post, Spotify stated that the app is going to provide an unlimited library experience.

Spotify Unlimited Library Experience

Previously, if any of the users tried to add more than 10000 songs in the Spotify library, a message popped up saying “Epic collection my friend, there is no more room in your library“. The user had to delete some of the songs and albums to add the new ones in their library.

However, the downloading limit and offline listening limit has still not been changes and has a cap of 10000. An individual user cannot download more than 10000 songs and can’t create a playlist having a bigger number for offline listening. This limits the user from downloading all the songs from the library or add them to the playlist.

If any of the users are unable to add more songs than the previous limit then they have to wait as the rollout may take time. Generally, most of the users will remain unaffected with the Spotify unlimited library experience as only a few users reach the 10000 songs limit and need more space.

Spotify, previously, also announced that the platform is testing a new feature named Group Session. This feature will allow a group of Spotify users to control and edit the same playlist and curate it accordingly.

Spotify is trying its best to compete with other music streaming apps available in the market. The platform recently launched three months free trial period for the new users. All the new users can avail the free trial period offer until June 30, 2020.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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