Spotify To Launch In India Within Six Months


After months of rumors, one of the largest music streaming services, Spotify, is reportedly going to launch in India within six months. Variety reports that the Swedish service will also offer an extended free trial period.

For quite a while, Spotify has been trying to launch the music service for Indian customers, but the company was reportedly facing hurdles along the path.

For instance, there were reports suggesting that major labels like Universal, Sony, and Warner were blocking its progress in the country. Reportedly, Spotify was blocked from grabbing music licenses, this was because Spotify earlier tried to directly license music from artists, bypassing the labels.

However, Daniel EK, CEO of Spotify, clarified to India Times that launch delays are “commonplace in this industry and nothing related to our overall strategy.”

Currently, Spotify offers a 30-day trial of full access to Vietnam and South Africa who were the latest countries in its expansion in the Middle East and North Africa. However, the company is thinking of placing an extended trial in India. In other words, more than the usual 30-day package.

When it comes to Indian music streamlining services, local players like Ganna, Wynk, JioMusic, Amazon Music and others have already maintained a strong user base. Apart from the ridiculously low pricing, they offer localized content like music in different local languages.

While Spotify is a renowned service all over the world, most Indian listeners are not aware of it. Even after an extended free trial, it would be difficult for Spotify to cater to the needs of over 1.33 billion people.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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