Sony Is Working On a PlayStation 5 “Pro” Controller

Not the PlayStation 5 pro but the "Pro" controllers are really close!

Sony Is Working On a PlayStation 5 "Pro" Controller
Image Credit: Unsplash

We have heard many rumors about the PlayStation 5 Pro, but Sony is yet to make an official statement. Although Sony’s dual-sense controller is the star of the PlayStation 5 console, the company is working on a next-gen “genuine professional controller” for the PlayStation 5.

According to reports, Sony will reveal new hardware in the coming weeks. The codename of the controller is going to be “Hunt.” It will have many features, including removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons (flappy paddles).

Is this a Sony Pro controller for the PlayStation 5?

Sony Is Working On a PlayStation 5 "Pro" Controller
Image Credit: Unsplash

A reliable source, Tom Henderson, said that these, in many ways, are a “Pro” variant of the Dualsense. He claims that sony will unveil them quite soon. These claims came alongside pictures of the alleged prototype, which have been sent because the pictures are not published, and the source remains anonymous.

It’ll be interesting to see if Sony decides to reveal these new controllers this month or wait until fall. According to the reports, the design of the controller is quite similar to the dual sense, but;

as earlier mentioned, it has extra features such as removable sticks and paddles. Removing a stick unit rather than getting a new controller is helpful if it develops “stick drift.”

The controller will also come with the trigger stops at the back. Players have been turning to companies such as SCUF gaming and NACON for such feature-rich controllers. The prototype also showcases a grip to help hold the controller, which appears to be removable.

Along with all the new hardware, the new sony controller will come with many software upgrades. Although it’s unclear when the controller will be released, you could expect it to be coming soon.

Regarding gaming consoles, there has always been a difficult choice between Xbox and PlayStation. It can be arguably said that Xbox controllers have generally been more popular than sony’s dual shock controllers.

However, Sony turned this around with the ps5 dual sense. It looks like Sony might be getting into the controller action. Providing the pro variant will be the first time Sony has ever offered a variant of their standard controllers. What do you think about sony’s upcoming pro controller? Comment below.

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