Sony INZONE Gaming Lineup Revealed: Here’s Why It Is Special

Sony's New Gaming Monitor and Headset

Sony INZONE Gaming
Image: Sony

Every tech enthusiast is familiar with the name ‘Sony.’ The company is a global leader in consumer electronics. Now, it is coming out with something new for its gamer audience.

The company has now launched ‘InZone,’ a gaming gear brand aimed at PC gamers. Sony recently announced this and introduced two new and exciting 27-inch monitors and three gaming headphones.

InZone Monitors

According to Sony President of home entertainment, Kazuo Kii, they are ‘latecomers’ in the market of monitors and headphones for gamers, so they have to catch up. InZone will build on Sony’s high-quality display technologies to create products that will allow users to immerse themselves in the world of gaming.

The first InZone gaming monitors, the M9 and M3, come packed with impressive specifications. The M9 model, priced at $900, has a 27-inch 4K display, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time. The M9 also offers users full-local array dimming with 96 zones and DisplayHDR 600, which allow for vibrant highlights and dark blacks.

This device’s exclusive feature is the HDR tone mapping, which senses the M9 plugged into a PS5 and optimizes the display output. Users also have an auto genre picture mode, which can switch to cinema mode when you open a video streaming service.

On the other hand, the M3, which InZone will release in winter, is a relatively cheaper option for gamers, as it is priced at $530. The monitor uses a 1080p panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and can bump the HDR to 400 nits of peak brightness.

Both monitors feature USB-C and HDMI connectivity, and the tripod stands come with tilt and height adjustment for a better user experience. Although Sony has not mentioned it in the specs on the website, they are VESA compatible.

InZone Headphones

The company’s wireless headset H9, priced at $300, offers 32 hours of battery life and comes with noise-canceling technology to improve the audio quality. Meanwhile, the H7 is valued at $230 and offers users 40 hours of battery life but does not offer noise cancelation.

For those who prefer wired gaming headsets, InZone also has the $100 H3 headphones. It delivers a sound performance but is pared back in styling compared to its companions.

Sony hopes that through its high-quality monitor and headsets, which are reasonably priced, gamers will give InZone a chance and not associate the company primarily with consoles.

“I believe if top players from top companies mention ‘Oh, Sony’s Inzone is great,’ we can catch up,” Kii remarked.



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