Genius At Sony “Accidentally” Uploads “Entire Movie” On YouTube Instead Of Trailer

Sony movie leak
Khali The Killer : Full movie on Youtube

When people at Sony Pictures are bored to hell and feel the need to make headlines, they just pitch in human-error backed up by their PR.

In perhaps the most unforgettable mistake, people at Sony Pictures uploaded an entire movie instead of the trailer.

The 89-minute movie, termed “Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer Now on DVD & Digital,” was dumped on YouTube. Where people expected a 2-minute trailer, Sony Pictures just gave them the whole movie for free.

It was first spotted by Reddit users who instantly found it most laughable content on the internet. “Another trailer that spoils the whole film!” complains one Redditor.

Users also came up with intriguing theories like “it was a marketing gimmick” and “This accidental upload of the whole movie a perfect excuse for shady accounting.” Some users think this kind of incompetence one don’t expect from Sony Pictures and believes that this might be another hack.

The Sony pictures hack was probably the biggest news of 2014 in which many unreleased movies were made available online. It was speculated that North Korea was behind the hack.

However, the leak doesn’t screw up any surprise as Khali the Killer is available on DVD since November 2017. The movie is scheduled for theatrical release in August 2018. Given the film’s struggling performance on IMDB, the possibility of a publicity stunt can’t be ruled out.

The video has now been removed from the Youtube, and the link to the movie seems broken. And even trailer has been taken off the channel.

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