Someone Upscaled Mario With StableDiffusion, And It Looks Ugly

DALL-E2 has got a competitor now!

Image: Twitter

2022 has been all about AI-Image creation tools, with DALL-E2 being the most-talked-about tool globally. But there are a lot of companies building AI-image creation tools just like or even better than DALL-E2. StableDiffusion is one such tool that garnered a lot of attraction on Twitter this week. Twitter user Matt Reed posted a bunch of hyper-realistic Mario images created with the tool.

StableDiffusion uses natural language input to produce AI-created images. In layman’s terms, it tries its best to understand your demands and generate an image of your choice.

What is StableDiffusion?

StableDiffusion is an AI-image creation tool like DALL-E2. As mentioned above, it will produce images of whatever input you give it. The output depends on your description because if you describe it well, the tool will be able to churn out a befitting catalog of images. Matt Reed upscaled a pixelated image of Mario, and the results were quite “shocking.”

He entered the following input into the tool. “hyper-realistic photo of a plumber running jumping wearing denim overalls and a red shirt, realistic proportions, highly detailed, smooth, sharp focus, 8k, ray tracing, digital painting, concept art illustration, by artgerm, trending on artstation, Nikon d850”.

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Image: OpenAI

The output was a super-detailed, color-rich Mario figure which looked eerie. It looked like a fitting character for Chucky movies. Despite the weirdness, it is still impressive that the tool managed to provide this much detail. However, natural language input, the input string, means a lot to the tool. Matt added as many keywords as he could to produce the best “worst” looking Mario figure on the internet.

So, unlike DALL-E2, which requires you to be on a waiting list, you can use StableDiffusion with paid access. It beat the point of waiting for access to a tool. You can also get it up and running on your system if you have copious amounts of computing power to spare (we are talking about the 16-core processors and the RTX cards). Otherwise, you can subscribe to the tool and start creating mind-boggling images using it. There is also a free demo which you can try here.

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