Some Sadist Microsoft Programmer Made This Crazy Android Alarm App 


microsoft alarm appShort Bytes: This alarm clock would not let you sleep unless you satisfy the technicality of this alarm app. The name of this alarm app is Mimicker and is free to download in the Play Store. Also, you cannot bypass or cheat this alarm because it is smart enough to rather bypass your tricks and is drag you out from the deepest sleep.

So, one Microsoft engineer was fed up of the conventional alarm clock which was unable to drag him out of the bed. Now, guess what? He came up with a brilliant solution to wake himself from the deepest sleep. The solution was in the form of an alarm app. Better say an intelligent alarm app. The name of the Android alarm app is Mimicker and its free to download in the PlayStore.

Now this alarm won’t switch off until you satisfy a few of the criteria like reading out a tongue twister, or taking a photogenic selfie or finding out a particular color. Do not think, these games and tricks are easy. You have to constantly keep on trying until you find the right answer.

Imagine, you are woken up by the rowdy alarm and the alarm asks you to make a happy and smiling face. Just imagine, how would look when you are trying to paint a happy face on the cover of a sleepy face!

Many people have failed in the alarm test each morning. But they are sure that either one day they will start getting up from the sleep regularly or they will end up breaking away the phone.

Are you going to try out this alarm app from Microsoft? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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Amar Shekhar

Amar Shekhar

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