Some Americans Are Preparing To Shoot Down Amazon Delivery Drones

It’s a bird or it’s a plane? Doesn't matter, shoot it down!

Amazon Delivery Drones
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From Jeff Bezos’ small garage to the Emerald City called Seattle, Amazon has come a long way. High-quality customer experience, reasonable pricing, and reliable and fast shipping are all the reasons why when someone decides to shop online, they head straight to Amazon.

The company always stays up-to-date with the ongoing trends and aims to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into its workings to provide efficient delivery.

For a long time, we have heard online retailers talk about their goal to deliver packages through drones. And now, it is soon to become a reality after Amazon announced it would begin testing the service shortly.

Residents are not happy

A small ranch town in California, Lockeford, is one of the few locations where the company will start testing its drone delivery service. Amazon had talks with authorities in San Joaquin County around six months ago, but the residents were unaware until recently.

Lockeford citizens are unhappy over the revelation, as they do not want drones buzzing over their heads throughout the day. A cement contractor in the region, Tim Blighton, said that Amazon is invading their privacy. He added that he once threatened to shoot a neighbor’s drone and doesn’t feel any differently about the corporate giant’s device.

”I think they’re going to wreck everything for us,” he added. Not just him but others in the area also worry that the drones would scare their livestock and disturb their quality of life.

Amazon’s drone delivery service

While announcing the test program in Lockeford, Amazon said that the residents would play a significant role in defining the future. The company added that their feedback on ‘Prime Air’ would assist in creating a service that fulfills customer needs.

Currently, Amazon is still working on obtaining the building and business permits for the service and will have to undertake an environmental review by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to reports, the company experienced eight drone crashes in one year, with one of them causing a fire in Oregon. If successful, Amazon’s drones will deliver packages of under five pounds to people living within four miles of the planned drone facility in Lockeford.

While Californians are suspicious about the program, the opposite can be said about those in Texas who have been completely open to the idea. The city of College Station will vote on giving the green light to drone delivery from Amazon soon.



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