You Can Now Send eBay Listings To Snap Stories

Sharing eBay listings on Snapchat become easy.

Snapchat eBay Listing
Image: Snapchat

Snapchat has added a feature to allow its users to share eBay listings. You can use the Snapchat camera on the Android or iOS apps to create an eBay sticker of a product listing. Once the sticker is ready, you can share it on your story or send it as a direct message.

How to Send eBay Listings To Snap Stories

The company said in a blog post that eBay has 142 million buyers globally. Now Snapchat users browsing on eBay will be able to create a Snap and share them with their friends. Below are the steps to send eBay listings to Snap Stories.

1. Open the eBay app on your Android and iOS smartphone.

2. In the eBay app, select any product listing and tap on the share icon.

3. From the list of sharing options, tap on Snapchat. It will automatically take you to the Snapchat camera with an automated eBay Sticker.

4. In the Snapchat Camera, you can create an original Snap using the eBay sticker and layer on using other available creative tools.

5. Once you have created the Snap with eBay sticker, you can post it to your story or send it directly to your friends.

6. The recipient or viewer can tap on the eBay sticker, and they will be redirected to the product listing in the eBay App.

It’s easy to create and send eBay listings to Snap Stories. Snapchat has also made it easy for other app developers to create a similar sharing experience in their apps. The company has released its Firebase extension to generate a sticker made for Snapchat stories.

What are your thoughts about Snapchat adding a feature that will allow sharing eBay product listings in the story or direct messages? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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