Playing With Fire: Machines That Handle Incredibly Hot Slag

Metal extraction wouldn't be the same without modern technology.

slag machine

Technology has leveled the playing field for many people around the world. In fact, it has helped us go beyond and further than what we could have imagined in the past. Thanks to machines, today, we can conveniently move boulders, drill into mountains, and extract important materials from the Earth. Speaking of which, it’s important to stress modern technology’s role in industrial processes such as smelting (extraction of metals).

Smelting ores involves separating the metal from the impurities using heat and chemical agents. While this process allows us to obtain precious metals, it also produces a very hot and toxic by-product called slag. There are machines that help us dispose of this by-product in slag dumps.

To even think of handling slag manually is a scary thing, but certain machines do this task quite efficiently. Here’s a video that shows slag-handling machines doing what they do best.

Slag-handling machines that beat the heat

1. Kamag Slag Transporter

kamag slag transporter

For dumping slag, the most important thing needed is a machine that can carry it to the destination. This is where Kamag’s Slag Transporter comes in. It is an industrial vehicle capable of transporting liters of slag from one location to another. It comes in two main variants, Slag Transporter 2700 and Slag Transporter 2800.

The 2700 variant features a cladding-protected trailing unit, joystick controls, tire protection, etc. On the other hand, the 2800 variant offers a mudguard for the trailing unit, an automatic fire-extinguishing system, highly proficient air conditioning, and more.

2. Fractum Breaker Model 100

fractum breaker model 100

Slag doesn’t stay in its liquid form forever and gradually turns into a solid. At times, this results in the formation of big slag rocks that need to be pulverized into smaller pieces. The Fractum Breaker machine is like a crane with a hammer attachment, which generates up to 400,000J per hit to break slag rocks. It can smash rocks precisely without missing and minimizes the number of rock particles scattered in the process.

3. Volvo Wheel Loader

volvo wheel loader
Image: YouTube / Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Wheel Loader is an effective vehicle that can sweep off cinders from the ground and dump them in the appropriate location. It is a multi-purpose machine suitable for undertaking a range of tasks in the industrial landscape. There are several variants of the Wheel Loader, and the most powerful variant boasts a breakout force (determines lifting and digging capability) of up to 472.8kN.

4. Kirow Slag Taurus

kirow slag taurus

The Slag Taurus is a slag pot carrier engineered to help in handling slag in a safe and efficient manner. It comes in two different variants, Slag Taurus U80 and Slag Taurus P90. The U80 can carry slag weighing up to 80,000kg, whereas the P90 has a max payload capacity of 90,000kg. Moreover, it also offers convenient steering and a patented security system in each variant.

5. CAT 973K Track Loader

cat 973k

Yet another versatile machine, CAT 973K Track Loader is apt for digging bunkers, clearing areas, carrying tons of waste such as slag, and more. It is a potent and fuel-efficient vehicle with good maneuverability. When it comes to operating it, there are two different ways: joystick control and two-lever control. Other features include high-end guarding, thermal deflectors, air conditioning, and the like, making it suitable for slag handling.

Apart from aiding us in high temperatures, a variety of machines also help us out in the icy-cold depths of the ocean. Here are the machines that are an underwater repairman’s best friends.

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