Slack Is Having Issues: Messages, Huddles & Workflows Faced Disruption

The popular app is working on a total fix as we speak.

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The popular work app, Slack, is having trouble keeping things running well at the time of writing. Earlier today, the company reported that users were facing issues trying to do basic tasks such as sending/receiving messages.

At 9:28 AM IST, Slack first acknowledged that the platform was experiencing hiccups. It confirmed that users might not be able to exchange messages and load content. Shortly after, the news came that Huddles and Workspaces features were also undergoing disruption.

As is the case when widely used apps go down, many users shared their grievances on the internet regarding Slack’s malfunction. On Twitter, “McJudicator” revealed her mood using the amusing GIF shown below. Another member of the Twitterati, “darcy_sandall,” interestingly let out a relieved feeling and tweeted, “Slack is down at work and [sic] there is finally peace.”

On DownDetector, “Bala” expressed his exasperation at the problem, “Slack is down, once again. From India!” Additionally, “Joshua Tellington” outlined the exact issue, saying he was “unable to send messages and view threads @ 10:43 EST – Washington, D.C.”

In the latest update, Slack revealed it had fixed most of the fundamental issues. This fix resolves sending/receiving messages, huddles, and Workspaces. However, the company said certain technical issues remained and that it was actively monitoring them.

As the engineers at Slack work hard to fix all issues, the app’s website keeps us posted every 30 minutes. You can check the latest official status of Slack servers from here.

Did you face any issues on Slack today? If you’ve something to share, feel free to sound it off in the comments below.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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