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Slack is undoubtedly the most popular collaboration software for small and large-sized companies. A significant number of users open Slack every morning to begin their work. However, not every company likes paying the amount Slack charges for its premium version and often looks for alternatives.

While Slack is an excellent collaboration tool that runs out of web and a mobile app, it runs into issues. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an alternative to use instead of Slack. We’ve shortlisted a few collaboration tools that you can use to set up your workspace.

Top 5 Slack alternatives

While there are several collaboration apps, we have selected a few. Here’s a list of our picks of the best Slack alternatives.

1. Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams slack alternative
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‘Teams’ is Microsoft’s collaboration software that has become insanely popular over the past few years as it introduced several new features like Metaverse avatars. The tool is suitable for all industries, be it for education, personal collaboration, or work. Microsoft Teams is an intuitive software that works.

Moreover, it offers similar basic functionality, making it a suitable Slack alternative. Teams also integrate with the Microsoft Office suite that most companies use. You can rely on the tool to manage your personal and professional workspaces.


  • Private Messaging
  • Teams and channels
  • Personal audio & video calls
  • Group conferencing
  • Screen sharing


  • Free plan: Add up to 300 users, 2GB storage per user, and unlimited search history.
  • Paid plans with extra features: Starts from $5.00 per user per month

2. Zoho Cliq

zoho cliq
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Zoho Cliq is another software through which you can connect, share, and interact with your teams. The app supports unlimited audio and video calls and has a web app to use anywhere.

Cliq supports various features like direct chat, calls, file sharing, workforce management, etc. Zoho also makes several professional applications and has a lot of industry experience.


  • Direct and group chats
  • Direct video calls
  • Group conferencing
  • File sharing


  • Free plan: Unlimited users, latest 10,000 searchable messages, max 100 people per channel
  • Paid plans with cloud storage, custom domain, custom email, etc., starting from $3 per user per month.

3. Chanty

chanty slack alternative
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Chanty is another communications software that makes for a great Slack alternative. The app offers features similar to those of Slack and some unique ones.

You can chat, call, share files, and assign tasks using the collaboration tool. Moreover, the task assignment feature is great for organizations with many employees.


  • Direct and group chats
  • File sharing
  • Task manager
  • Third-party apps integration


  • Free plan: All features available for up to 10 users
  • Paid plans with additional features starting from $3 per user per month

4. Fleep

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Fleep is a simple communications software that makes it to the list of Slack alternatives. Likewise, the tool allows you to chat, share files, and communicate with the members of your workspace.

Unlike its competitors, Fleep allows you to chat with any member registered on the platform across different workspaces. It also includes Tasks, pinboards, and teams for efficient project management.


  • Direct and group chats
  • Task management
  • Chat with anyone across workspaces
  • Shared file management
  • Video and audio calls


  • Free plan: Includes only basic chat functionality with 10GB of cloud storage per user.
  • Paid plans with task management, calls, and several additional features start from $5 per user per month.

5. Flock

Image: Flock.

Finally, the Flock app makes it to the list of Slack alternatives. Several significant companies worldwide use the collaboration tool to manage their workspaces efficiently.

Likewise, the app provides several features similar to Slack’s but also has some unique offerings. You can easily use the basic features like messaging and calls and use additional built-in features like polls, reminders, etc.


  • Direct and group chats
  • Audio and video calls
  • Task management, to-dos, reminders


  • Free plan: Limited features for up to 20 users
  • Paid plans with additional features start from $4.50 per user per month.

Which Slack alternatives to choose?

To sum up, there are several alternatives to Slack that you can use to collaborate with your teams. While there are several tools, our picks will undoubtedly fulfill your requirements. Also, if you have trouble picking one, we recommend using Microsoft Teams or Flock for the best experience.

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