SK hynix Outs The World’s First DDR5 RAM But CPUs Aren’t Ready Yet


On October 6, SK hynix released the world’s first-ever DDR5 DRAM after years of development. The new generation of DRAM has been introduced as “a high-speed and high-density product” targeted at Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning sectors.

The company first developed a 16 GB DDR5 DRAM back in late 2018. And, in the following months, it collaborated with tech bigwigs like Intel to test and improve the technology further.

Given that SK hynix started working on next-gen DRAM way before the JEDEC Solid State Technology even released the specs for DDR5, the East-Asian firm was widely expected to be the first to launch the 5th-gen DDR.

DDR5 Gives You More Speed, Energy Efficiency, and Reliability

The newly released 64GB DDR5 memory modules. (Image Credits: SK hynix)

The DDR5 enables blazing-fast computing at a low power consumption rate. It offers transfer speeds in the range of 4800-5600 Mbps and consumes as less as 1.1V of power in the process. This means that DDR5 transfers data 1.8 times faster than DDR4, and it is also 20% more energy-efficient.

To put this into perspective, you’ll be able to transfer a 15GB Blu-ray movie in mere 3 seconds.

Another prominent feature of DDR5 is the Error Correcting Code (ECC). Correcting even 1-bit-level errors on its own, ECC will make applications as much as 20 times more reliable than before.

SK hynix also revealed that it worked closely with global partners to conduct various tests on the DDR5’s functions and compatibility. The DDR5 has been confirmed to work flawlessly with other important DRAM components such as Register Clock Driver (RCD) and Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC).

Hynix’s Plan For The Future Of DDR5

According to CMO & Executive VP Jonghoon Oh, SK hynix could lead the future technology trend in the DRAM sector. The company’s focus will be “the fast-growing premium server market”. Its long-term plan is to become the undisputed leader of server DRAM.

Omdia has predicted DDR5’s rise in popularity to come as early as 2021. The same source also speculates that the DDR5 will comprise about 43% of the global DRAM market by 2024.

In view of this, the semiconductor giant has joined hands with partners including Renesas, Synopsys, Montage Technology, and Rambus to work towards fostering a DDR5 ecosystem.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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