Nine Most Privacy-Loving Laptops You Can Buy Today Got Stamped By FSF

Who knows the meaning of the word freedom more than Richard Stallman? His Free Software Foundation certifies devices under a program called Respects Your Freedom (RYF). And if we look at the list of accepted devices, the lineup is mostly ruled by a single hardware maker, Technoethical – based in Romania.

In an announcement made last week, FSF has certified 15 devices including laptops, Wireless cards, Bluetooth adapters, printers, etc. RYF was first materialized in 2012 and till now the number of devices to get a green signal can count on our fingers.

The list now has a total of six laptops which can tap their back, as FSF thinks they won’t cause a dent in people’s personal lives and allow them to control every bit.

These devices from Technoethical are actually refurbished Lenovo Thinkpads running GNU/Linux-libre and Libreboot (a free software boot system) to show a true sense to freedom to the buyer.

New Technoethical laptops in the list:

Other laptops:

Many of these devices might seem outdated in terms of looks and specifications, but they adhere to the freedom standards set forth by the FSF.

“Unfortunately, hardware manufacturers have until now relied on close cooperation with proprietary software companies that demanded control over their users,” the Foundation argues.

“As citizens and their customers, we need to promote our desires for a new class of hardware — hardware that anyone can support because it respects your freedom.”

You can check out the complete list of devices here. It also includes the devices from other brands accepted in the past.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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