Signal Is Bringing WhatsApp Stories-Like Features To Android

It could be better than WhatsApp's design!

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WhatsApp launched the stories many years back. But its rival Signal, which popped up on everyone’s radar last year, introduced the feature. Currently, the stories feature in the Signal app is only available to beta testers. After judging the initial reception and fixing the kinks, it may be released to all users in the coming months.

While the Signal stories feature sounds like WhatsApp, it is trying its level best to stand out. Rather than offering a similar set of features, Signal is adding end-to-end encryption to its stories and is also making them sharable to Signal groups.

Signal Stories: More details

The core idea remains the same- you create a story that could be images, videos, and texts and post it in the app. Other Signal contacts can see the stories that you posted in the app. The uploaded stories will automatically expire after 24 hours. However, on WhatsApp, only the saved contacts can see the stories.

The Signal community post mentioned that you can share your stories with all of your Signal connections. Here Signal connection signifies your contacts or anyone you’ve had a 1:1 chat with. It isn’t clear if any unsaved contact can also see the Stories. Furthermore, you get granular control over whom you share your stories. It could be a custom list of friends or even a Signal group.

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If you post stories in Signal groups, all the participants can view, share, react, and reply to that group story. However, if you aren’t interested in this feature, you can turn off Signal stories using the app settings. Signal app is trying to do something different than the rest of the social platforms in terms of stories. No other platform offers the option to share stories within groups. Even on WhatsApp, only your contacts can see it.

Make note that the feature is still in the beta phase. So, you can use it only if you have enrolled in the beta program. Moreover, your friends will also have to be beta program members to try out the stories features in the app. There are no details about the expected date when the feature will become available to all users.

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