Shadows House Season 2 New Trailer Reveals Release Date

Ready to head back to the dark mansion on top of the cliffs?

Shadows House Season 2 New Trailer Reveals Release Date
Image Credit: Cloverworks

“Shadows House” is a very unique and interesting anime that aired back in April 2021. It has a very unorthodox plot that is tough to specify with a genre, but that’s one of its appealing factors. Fans certainly agree as with their support, we know that Shadows House Season 2 is coming.

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Moreover, we now also know when exactly the new season is set to premiere. It has been revealed in a new promo for the upcoming season 2. You can watch it yourself down below.

Shadows House Season 2 Trailer

The new trailer shows us all the returning characters from season 1, with bits and pieces of the new plot. Furthermore, we even get a preview of the opening and ending songs as well. The first song is the ending theme “Masquerade” by Claris. While the second one is the opening theme “Shall We Dance?” by ReoNa.

Speaking of exciting new trailers, we have another one for you. “Laid Back Camp” is another unique yet comfy anime that ran for two seasons. And now it’s finishing things off with a movie that takes place years after the anime. You can watch the trailer for the “Laid Back Camp” movie right here.

What is ‘Shadows House’ about?

Shadows House Season 2 New Trailer Reveals Release Date
Image Credit: Cloverworks

The show primarily takes place in a grandiose and dark mansion known as the Shadow House. The house is home to a faceless clan that acts like they are nobles. Another thing to note is that these Shadow people emit soot in response to various emotions. So all the Shadows have living dolls assigned to them that help the Shadows with their emotions and also clean their soot.

We focus on Emilico, a young and cheerful Living Doll who is assigned to Kate. Emilico being the kind of girl she is, is overjoyed to start serving her mistress. As Kate opens up to her and the two grow closer, they find more about themselves and the dark mysteries of the house they reside in.

Shadows House Season 2 release date

The new promo video has revealed that we are getting the new season on July 8, 2022. And since season 1 came to Crunchyroll, we can expect season 2 to be available to stream on it as well.

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