Shadow Warrior 3 Gets Cracked Just After Its Launch!

You can get the game on Steam right now.


Shadow Warrior 3 is one of the best AAA game series made by a small studio. It is an action-packed first-person shooter with many RPG elements and a wide roster of weapons. However, Shadow Warrior 3 was cracked on day one by a pirate group known as FLT.

The group previously also cracked the PC version of God of War on its launch day. The game was released on Steam, whose DRM protection can be cracked easily.

Shadow Warrior 3 cracked

Devolver Digital

Shadow Warrior 3 was developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital. For the small studio, the game was one of the most highly anticipated titles they have ever published. Now that the game has been cracked, it will certainly affect the studio’s bottom line.

The subreddit known as r/CrackWatch, which tracks games that have been cracked by pirates, has also confirmed that the FLT group has cracked Shadow Warrior 3. Several other pirates have also released their game versions, with their DLC and bonus content unlocked.

Recently, Games like Elden Ring, Sifu, and Life Is Strange Remastered Collection was also cracked by other scene groups. These games were also released on Steam, only to be cracked on day one.

About the Game

shadow warrior 3 crack
Devolver Digital

Shadow Warrior 3 is very much like its predecessors and features a ton of unique firearms and melee weapons. Players will also get access to a katana and other new weapons as they progress in the game. Compared to Shadow Warrior 2, the leveling system has been streamlined to focus more on the action.

You can check out Shadow Warrior 3 on Steam right now.

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