‘Sex Education’ Season 4: Ncuti Gatwa Confirms His Return

Otis’ beloved BFF Eric Effiong will be back for more.

Sex Education Season 4
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From sexuality to love and friendship, Sex Education has received positive feedback from audiences and critics alike for addressing important issues and highlighting diverse experiences for young adults. Gatwa’s Eric is the sidekick to protagonist Otis (Asa Butterfield) and, as of the end of season 3, Adam’s (Connor Swindell) ex-boyfriend.

Despite a successful season 3, many actors have announced their departure from Sex Education ahead of season 4. Simone Ashley, Patricia Allison, and Tanya Reynolds are among many. Rakhee Thakkar, who plays Emily Sands, the school’s most popular English teacher, has also announced her departure from the show.

With so many people leaving the series, some are wondering if Gatwa will join them. Gatwa has been cast as the titular Doctor in the upcoming season of Doctor Who, which will be his biggest role yet. That looming commitment cast some doubt on his ability to appear in Sex Education Season 4.

Sex Education Season 4: Ncuti Gatwa to return as Eric

According to Variety, Gatwa’s busy schedule will not keep him away from Sex Education. Season 4 will see the return of the star. The new season, which has yet to begin filming, will work around Gatwa’s other commitments to ensure he can reprise his role as Eric. It is expected to begin production this fall.

The return of Gatwa should put fans at ease, as Eric’s Sex Education story still feels incomplete. Eric broke Adam’s heart in the season 3 finale when he admitted to kissing another boy, despite the fact that the pair had problems building beneath the surface before he admitted to cheating.

While many fans would like to see Eric and Adam reunite in Sex Education season 4, this also provides an opportunity for Eric and Adam to grow apart.

Thanks to Gatwa’s return in the upcoming episodes. Eric will now properly deal with the fallout from his cheating and breakup. This is a fortunate development for Sex Education. If Gatwa had not returned, viewers would not have received much closure on this front.

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