Seven Tesla Cars Have Caught Fire In The Last Four Days

Five Tesla Cars Have Caught Fire In The Last Four Days
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Seven Teslas have been reported to have caught fire this week. Although Tesla’s are at the top of the EV market with all the bells and whistles, there’s still room for improvement. You might have seen electric vehicles getting ablaze either on the news or social media, turns out Tesla is also on the list.

An EV comprises lithium cells that can suffer a ‘thermal runway incident’ after reaching a few hundred degrees Celsius. This happens when the battery undergoes extremely hot conditions, which are quite unlikely in daily scenarios.

How many Teslas caught fire?

Five Tesla Cars Have Caught Fire In The Last Four Days
image credit: PlaineSite

According to a chart from PlaineSite (a website that tracks EV fires), seven Teslas have caught fire in the last four days. Although they are Tesla’s from other countries, the majority of fire reports came within the U.S. One is from Canada.

The website states that this month’s first case was on the 20th(Friday)in mountain highway and hunter, Vancouver. The description said, “Car stopped and shut down before bursting into flames.” It was a Tesla Model Y.

However, the second case was in the U.S and took place in California city on the 21st (Saturday). The description said, “Parked car burst into flames.” The car is a model 3.

The third case took place on the 22nd inside the tesla sales center located at 3851 Bird Road, Miami. The description reads, “Car ignited in Tesla Sales Center parking lot.”

The final two cases were on the 23rd in Austin and Brooklyn, respectively. In Austin, an unknown Tesla model caught fire on the side of the road. However, in Brooklyn, a week-old Tesla caught fire.

You can further check the details on the website with links to the youtube videos. Do you think Electric Vehicles are prone to catching fire? Comment about the burning of Teslas.

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