Semantic Search Engine Omnity Claims That It Can Beat Google And Buy It


omnity google killer search engineShort Bytes: Omnity is a new semantic search engine that focuses on searching the hidden and high-value interconnections between different fields of knowledge. While Omnity founder refuses to call his company a competitor of Google, he thinks it could buy Google.

Anew search engine is in town and it’s dreaming of buying Google, thanks to its confidence in its technology. Omnity has been in stealth mode for the past four years and it decided to come out in the open at CES 2016.

Just a couple of days ago, Omnity was announced as a “next-generation semantic search and discovery tool”. The company calls itself a fundamental advancement in discovering technology and enabling the people to discover hidden interconnection between fields like finance, law, science, engineering, and medicine.

How Omnity performs a search operation?

Omnity release post explains that the search engine allows a user to use the complete document as a search query and discover the connected documents based on the content inside the document. This way, it finds related documents even if they are not directly related to each other via links.

This search query drops the arbitrary keywords like “the,” “he,” “she,” or “it” and looks for interconnections on a massive scale efficiently. After this, Omnity is able to process the remaining “rare words” to perform the search.

“The Omnity product highlights several unusual features. For example, a single person reading and pair-wise interconnecting a 100,000 documents would take nearly 10,000 years. Omnity can perform this function in a fraction of a second, which represents a trillion-fold acceleration,” said Brain Sager, Omnity co-founder.

Sager wants to upend the basic idea of search just like Google performed the search in 1998 while looking for academic articles.

What about Omnity vs Google?

“We don’t view ourselves as being complementary and not competitive with Google,” said Sager. When asked by Motherboard if this meant Omnity was looking to be acquired by Google, he mentioned something very surprising.

I use Google every day and it’s great, but no, we’re more likely to buy Google.

Read more about Omnity in their press release.

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