Short Bytes: Taking a screenshot in Windows or other operating systems is a pretty basic task. But, performing the same task on login screen or lock screen isn’t straightforward. However, by performing a tiny registry hack, you can add the Snipping Tool option on the login screen. 

Whenever a person moves to a new operating system, he/she needs to learn certain basic commands and jobs all over again. Different file managers, media players, file systems, etc. work in a different manner and demand your attention when you start working on a new platform. Sometimes, even the method of taking screenshots needs to be Googled.

The method to take screenshots on a Windows 10 PC is just like the previous versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8.1, Vista, etc. But, what do you do when you need to take the screenshot of your Windows login screen or lock screen? Some of you might be thinking that print screen button would help you complete this process but in the lock screen environment, probably, you don’t have access to the clipboard.

However, by following some simple steps and adding the Snipping Tool as the Ease of Access button, you can take the screenshot of Windows 10 login screen. Let’s tell you how to do the same:

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Taking screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen

You might have noticed that your Windows lock screen has an Ease of Access button at the right bottom corner–it looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.50.01 PM

When you click the Windows 10 Ease of Access button, it opens a program called Utilman.exe that gives you access to some programs right at the login screen. So, with the help of a simple registry editor trick, you can add the Snipping Tool.

To do so, you need to open Registry Editor on your computer. For that, simply type regedit in the Windows search bar in the 10 screenshot login screen

Now click on the regedit Run command to open the Registry Editor. Now follow the following path of navigate to the specified location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

Clicking on Image File Execution Options will show a single entry in the right pane. Here, you need to add a new 10 screenshot login screen

For that, as shown in the picture below, from the top menu bar, access this path to create a new new key: Edit > New > 10 screenshot login screen

Now by tapping on Key, you need to create a new key with the name 10 screenshot login screen

Now that you have created a new utilman.exe key, you need to add a new String value and Value data. To do so, you need to follow this path: Edit > New > String 10 screenshot login screen

After creating the new value, you need to rename to Debugger by Right-clicking. You also need to to change the Value data by assigning it the following path: C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exewindows 10 screenshot login screen

The above-mentioned steps will add an option to take the screenshot of Windows 10 login screen. To do so, you need to click the Ease of Access button on the lock screen and it’ll launch the Snipping Tool utility. From there, you won’t be able to directly save the screenshot but it’ll be copied to clipboard. So, after logging in, you can open Paint and paste the screenshot using simple Ctrl+V.

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Take screenshot in Windows 10 after logging in

While this might be a child’s play for most of our readers, it’s still one of the most searched topics on the internet. There are many ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10 after logging in, take a look at them:

1. The best way to take screenshots in Windows 10 is using the Snipping Tool utility. You can simply type Snipping Tool in the search bar and click on the 10 screenshot login screen

With different udpates, Microsoft has improved the Snipping Tool to a great extent. Now, you can choose the delay option to go with different modes of snipping. Before saving the screenshot at the desired place, you can also annotate, highlight, etc.

2. Another simpler and older method to take screenshots in Windows 10 is by using PrtScr button. All you need to do is hit the PrtScr button when you need to capture a screen. After that, open Paint or Paint 3D app and paste the screenshot using 10 screenshot login screen

3. The third and newest option to capture a screenshot (and record screen) in Windows 10 is by using Xbox GameBar tool. All you need to do is open the app whose screenshot you wish to take and press Windows + G button. This will show you different options like screenshot, screen recording, broadcast, 10 screenshot login screen

I hope that you would’ve found this article on how to take the screenshot of Windows 10 login screen helpful? Don’t forget to share your views in comments.

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