Are You Ready? Scientists Want To Test New Anti-ageing Pill On Humans

anti ageing pills
anti ageing pills

anti-ageing-pillsI bet everyone at some point in their life have wished for a one-time visit to the “Fountain of Youth”. Well, in this hard reality, a fountain is tough to find but an anti-ageing pill? Quite Possible.

The diseases that the human body contracts with age could soon be a distant memory if going by the reports of some scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. They have created an anti-ageing pill that has Metformin in its formula that could provide longevity of life.

Metformin has for long been used to treat type 2 diabetes. A study trial called TAME (Targeting Ageing with Metformin) has been aimed by the Brazillian researchers’ team and USFDA. The scientists propose that the only way to elude the age-old diseases is to slow the ageing process.

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Scientists have maintained that this anti ageing pill is not the best or perfect, but will pave the way for future research. Other drugs such as rapamycin that is generally used as a molecular inhibitor against cancer are also being looked upon as future prospects. ‘Antioxidation’ is one of the better-known solutions to ageing.

But, scientists are placing their bets on Metformin as they have all the information regarding the drug, its working, side effects, and an important thing that it is safe.

Dr Nir Barzilai is the lead researcher on this project and director of the Institute for Ageing Research said:

Metformin reduces calories inside, thus, have a positive impact on cardiovascular diseases and helps retain cognitive functions. The drug has proved successful in increasing lifespan for some rodents and nematode worms.
Thus, he and his team believes this is going to work for humans too.

For the study, 15,000 senior citizens aged between 70 and 80 and affected by ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, cancer (other than non-melanoma skin cancer), or mild cognitive impairment will be recruited for a placebo-controlled test.

The study for developing anti ageing pill is sponsored by American Federation for Ageing Research and the cost evaluates around $50 million.

This anti ageing pill project differs widely from the existing phoney claims of anti ageing creams and growth hormones.

It should be noted that the research team has not created a medicine to magically cure all the diseases or a pill that will reduce the ageing process, but to increase the healthspan, not the lifespan. Well, that sounds good too.

Source: TAME Study

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