Scientists Want To Build An ‘Elevator’ To The Moon

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space elevator
Image: Flickr, Bruce Irving

Since we humans have devised ways to hit the space finally, making it better is our constant endeavor. That’s when the concept of a “space elevator” comes in, and we could get a real one — that’s what the two scientists say.

The “Spaceline” elevator to reach space?

As proposed by Zephyr Penoyre and Emily Sanford, the idea of a space elevator could finally come to the flip side of reality. The new concept involves either a tower or a cable. It will be extended from the surface of the moon to the Geosynchronous orbit around the Earth.


The cable will support a back and forth movement of the elevator — from both the space and the geosynchronous orbit of the Earth.

The movement of the elevator (hooked to the Moon) will take place once a month as opposed to an everyday movement if the cable was extended from the surface of the Earth. That is because a day on Moon is almost 29.5 days as compared to Earth.

Limitations of a space elevator that seem to be surpassed!

Of course, building a space elevator isn’t as easy as we humans make homes. It requires loads of money and sustainable materials so that the lift can take its own weight and weight from the other side of the world.

However, Spaceline is supposedly the solution, which will be able to become a reality with the current modern technology and materials (carbon polymers) available.

This can take place without the need to shell out loads of money.

Earlier talks of a space elevator

If you think the concept is the very first, you may be wrong. A similar idea was brought to the table decades ago, even in Arthur C. Clarke’s fiction novel — The Fountain Paradise.

The concept contradicts the previous method of building an elevator to the space that involves setting up an elevator that will be placed on the surface of Earth.

For this, Canadian company Thoth Technology Inc. has even received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

As the Spaceline concept is currently a proposal, a lot of research is required to make it a feasible and commercial concept finally. If you are intrigued, stay tuned to Fossbytes as we will keep you updated with all the information you need.

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