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Scientists Might Have Just Resolved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda TriangleShort Bytes: Scientists may have got a breakthrough in the mystical case of the Bermuda Triangle. They believe that methane gas explosions may be linked to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle where until now as many as 8,127 people have disappeared.

For the one and a half century, numerous ships and airplanes have disappeared in Bermuda Triangle area, usually under mysterious circumstances. But a new research from the scientists at Arctic University in Norway takes cues from the multiple giant craters on the floor of the Barents Sea.

A massive deposit of methane gas may have exploded in the craters surrounding the seabed caused by gas leaking from oil and gas deposits buried deep in the sea floor.

In the past two years, scientists have also documented methane gas bubbling up from the seafloor off the some parts of the west and the east coasts of the United States. One of the topics that need further analysis is whether methane gas explosions on the seabed could threaten the safety of ships.

Multiple giant craters exist on the sea floor in an area in the west-central Barents Sea … and are probably a cause of enormous blowouts of gas. The crater area is likely to represent one of the largest hotspots for shallow marine methane release in the Arctic.
Researchers at the Arctic University of Norway say.

This is not the fist time the possibility of methane gas eruptions in the Bermuda Triangle has been suggested. Last year a group of researchers led by Igor Yelstov of the Trofimuk Institute in Russia said that the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle were the effects of hydrant gas reactions. When the craters start to actively decompose, methane ice is transformed into gas.

If the theory of methane gas explosions being the cause of so many disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle proves to be correct, then we can chalk one up for science. But would the theory explain the magnetic anomalies associated with the area? It will be interesting to hear.

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20 thoughts on “Scientists Might Have Just Resolved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle”

  1. An explosion does not explain also the selected disapperance of humans in every vessle ! Any one who finds a source of the release of a massive amount of energy could associates it to this mistery ! Even me, the poor student could post a theory to explain that and it would make sense more than this ridiculus claim. what’s astonishing is that the whole scientific community acceptes and likes it !!!!!!! could you please find out and publish more details about this matter ?

  2. Aleeeeinzzzzz, I tells ya! Aleeeinnnzzzzz!
    Sucking down our precious methane.
    Using large steel containers which mess with our compasses.

    Cool, though. I read a Cussler book that described the phenomena some time ago. Making water less dense and, well, explosive.

    Of course, since the rising sea levels increase the pressure, keeping those gasses compressed at the ocean floor, then those that claim “Global {insert today’s phrase}” is bad for us because rising sea levels…they just want us all to die in a massive methane explosion as they keep the sea levels lower! Great, just great.

  3. Read more about Teleportation happened due to magnets. There are research facilities & programs conducted on this theory and now everything is denied and said to be a METHENE gas effect. How can big ships n planes go missing abruptly?

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