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Scientists Discover Matrix-like Technique To ‘Upload Knowledge To Your Brain’

Uploading information to brainShort Bytes: Scientists have discovered that feeding knowledge directly into the brain could be as easy as going to sleep. This was made possible at HRL laboratories based in California where researchers claimed a 33 percent improved learning. It seems, soon the Matrix-movie like realities could be a possibility.

Imitating the same efforts at HRL Laboratories, based in California, researchers are finding out a way to upload information to the brain. They are also successful on a much smaller scale than seen in the movies.

Researchers working on this claim to have developed a simulator which can feed information directly into a person’s brain. Once the information is fed, that can be used to teach a person new skills in a shorter amount of time.

We have already seen in the Matrix movie that the protagonist Neo is able to learn kung fu in seconds after the martial art is ‘uploaded’ straight to his brain.

The study was first conducted on a trained pilot. Electric signals were fed into the brain of a trained pilot and then the data was fed into novice subjects as they learned to pilot an aeroplane in a realistic flight simulator.

This study was first published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. It was found out that subjects who received brain stimulation via electrode-embedded head caps improved their piloting abilities and learnt the task 33 percent better.

Dr Matthew Phillips, one of the researchers says,

“It sounds kind of sci-fi, but there’s large scientific basis for the development of our system. The specific task we were looking at was piloting an aircraft, which requires a synergy of both cognitive and motor performance. When you learn something, your brain physically changes. Connections are made and strengthened in a process called neuroplasticity. It turns out that certain functions of the brain, like speech and memory, are located in very specific regions of the brain, about the size of your pinky.”

What we have seen until now in the movies, can soon be a reality. Are you excited about it?

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  1. I ever have believed that all the things that filmmakers depict in their movies can be possible. The human imagination is a sketch of a lot of things, so a great quantity of innovative theories start in the imagination.

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