Scientists Discover “Dragon Man” Skull In China: New Human Species?

The Dragon Man is said to be 140,000 years old!


Scientists have discovered a 140,000-year-old fossilized skull of an ancient human. The skull was of an adult male with a big brain (no pun intended) and a giant nose. The skull was found by a laborer inside a well (abandoned for 85 years) at a construction site in China.

Researchers have named the species “Homo Longi” and are referring to it as “Dragon Man” because the skull was discovered in the well near the Dragon River region. The New York Times stated, “If confirmed, that could significantly change our view of how — and even where — our species, Homo sapiens, evolved.”

The Story Of The Dragon Man Skull Fossil

A laborer found the skull in 1933 and knew he had struck gold. Hence, instead of handing it over to the upper authorities, the man decided to hide it. Shortly before he died in 2018, he told his family about the fossil, and the family donated it to the Geoscience Museum of Hebei GEO University. Later, scientists found out that it has been very well preserved.

The Dragon Man2

In the papers that scientists published on Friday, they mentioned that the Dragon Man was an adult whose brain was around 7% larger than a normal human brain. The lower jaw was missing, but after further research, the scientists found out that he probably lacked a chin.

Paleoanthropologist John Hawks said, “It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s scarce to find a fossil like this, with a face in good condition. You dream of finding this stuff.” After analyzing its chemical composition, scientists found out that it’s at least 146,000 years old but no older than 309,000 years.

The Dragon Man

They also said that the Dragon Man existed when there were multiple species of humankind, including Homo Erectus, Hominins, and Homo Naledi. The oldest ancestors of Homo Sapiens are Neanderthals and Denisovans that existed over 600,000 years ago, which is insane!

What do you think of the Dragon Man? Do you think there were more species like us, and we came from a series of evolutions? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Source: The New York Times

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