Scientist Confirms The Apocalyptic Explosion In ‘Rings of Power’ E6 Is Actually Possible

Mount Doom twist explained.

Rings of Power
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Rings of Power is an Amazon Prime adventure fantasy series set in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. The show, which features familiar characters and settings, takes place thousands of years before the events of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The first season premiered earlier this month, with only two episodes remaining.

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Theo discovers a cursed sword bearing the sigil of Sauron prior to episode 6, which piques his interest. In an unexpected twist, the blade is stolen and used as a key to open the floodgates of the Southlands. Water pours into the Orc-dug tunnels and rushes towards Mount Doom’s magma-filled core.

Steam pockets burst through the ground, warning Galadriel and the others of the impending disaster. When floodwaters collide with magma, a massive eruption occurs, raining fire on the pastoral landscape. The episode ends with a dark cloud of smoke and fire engulfing the idyllic farmlands and hurtling towards Galadriel.

Is the catastrophic explosion in Rings of Power episode 6 actually possible?

Now, in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, a scientist (Jeffrey Carson) confirms that the catastrophic explosion in Rings of Power episode 6 is indeed possible. Jeffrey Carson is a Syracuse University professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, specializing in volcanic activity. He explains how water is frequently important in volcanic activity, especially when it is located near the seafloor. He said:

“Violent volcanic eruptions occur in large part because water is involved. The water is dissolved in the magma. The magma rises to the surfaces, the water makes bubbles that can turn to steam and the steam and water expand so rapidly that they basically blow the magma apart.

That stuff piles up near a central vent and that’s what makes big volcanoes. If that water is in a confined area, like a bottleneck, there’s going to be a steam eruption — we call it a phreatomagmatic eruption. We see that happening in Hawaii all the time where lava flows into the ocean, and some of the lava can get blown around if the water gets trapped under it.”

The Rings of Power showrunners sought to delve into Tolkien’s themes of anti-industrialization and environmentalism. The authors presented the idea, “What if Mordor was beautiful?” because they believed this was crucial to the show’s narrative. Beyond the notion that the volcano was not always active. There is no clear mention of the origin of Mordor in Tolkien’s writing.

This allowed the showrunners to fill in the blanks about how such a profound transformation might happen. Despite the high fantasy setting, the filmmakers needed to make the eruption of Mount Doom as geologically accurate as possible to match Tolkien’s environmentalist message.

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