Elon Musk Plans To Stop Selling Cars In The Future “To Save Tesla”


Yes, you read that correctly. In the near future, it could become very difficult to buy a Tesla electric car as the company’s CEO Elon Musk plans to stop selling it to consumers. Before you panic, understand that Tesla isn’t going to stop making electric cars in the immediate future. Instead, the company will stop selling them at a reasonable price.

Tesla has a master plan which involves perfecting the full self-driving capability of its electric car up to a point where almost no human intervention is required. This improved feature will cause Tesla cars to appreciate in value, thus raising its price to a super high level.

Elon Musk Plans to Make Tesla Owners Rich

The information was revealed via a tweet exchange between Elon Musk himself and another twitter account known as Disruption Research.

Tesla has endured heavy losses in the past. It wasn’t until the recent Tesla Autonomy Investor Day when Elon Musk revealed his plan to save Tesla and ensure its future. The eccentric CEO revealed a brand new Tesla chip that will power all Tesla cars and initiave to turn every Tesla Model 3 into a potential taxi.

When Tesla finally achieves the perfection in its self-driving capability, Tesla users will be able to send their Model 3 to a fleet of Autonomous Robotaxis. These automated cars will run around the town carrying passengers and earning money for the Tesla company and the car owner as well.

This will make the Tesla Model 3 more than just a car as it’ll also be a means to earn money. So, naturally, in order to keep the Tesla electric cars as an asset, Tesla will raise its price to non-consumer friendly amount.

However, there is also some good news. During the earlier mentioned investor day, Tesla revealed that a Tesla Model 3 would be able to earn $330,000 of profit over its lifetime usage.

Future Prediction For Tesla

With the ability of Tesla cars to earn money on their own, the Model 3 could still see a high sale despite a hefty price tag. Currently, the Tesla Model 3 retails at around $40,000. However, there’s no prediction as to how much the cost will increase when full-self driving capabilities are installed.

Moreover, Tesla will eventually shift its focus from selling electric cars to operating a fleet of them as taxis. This will put the company in direct competition with Uber, which is already losing money as we speak and are betting all of its chips on perfecting self-driving technology.

The road ahead isn’t getting any easier for Tesla anytime soon. However, the company seems more prepared than ever this time around.

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